You know how sometimes you get lost in your own little world devoid of all the risks and perils. I got lost too. I started weaving a fantasy for myself 2 years back and I got so immersed in it that I lost sight of the real world. I lived in my own world for about 2 years when a friend of mine forced me back to reality. The transition was not like the shock therapy undertaken by Russia but a gradual, step by step process. Now I remember who I am, what I want , what to believe, who to trust and most of all who my friends really are. I thought things that I thought I was but actually I was not. Sounds Confusing. Ehhh ? I know that is how I felt when I was lost but now i see things crystal clear and I will always cherish that friend who helped me regain my senses. THE FRIEND, thank you.

What Did THEY do WRONG ?


Walking on the road yesterday I saw a woman in ragged clothes, grey piercing eyes, messy hair with a new born in her arms begging for food. I felt a sudden ache in my heart and a part of me yearned to reach out to her, which I did.
Somehow it got me thinking about all those people who are unknown, orphans, anonymous etc. What have they done wrong ? Why are they left alone ? Why do we mock them or look down upon them ? Does it make us any better ?
I know I am no saint. I know I have done my share of bad deeds but still I am better off than them
Why ? What did they do WRONG ?

Is That Just Me ?


I often wonder if it is just me who desires to be a guy. In this imbroglio of life i find my solace in being a guy. Girls are discriminated against and are often considered a bad omen. well, girls are burden no more and have been able to prove themselves in all areas of life. But a part of me still aches for that guy like freedom. I live in India and i am not allowed to wear shorts or go to clubs or drink once in a while or just hang out with my friends at night because the socially defined expectations of an ideal girl overpower all my rights as a human being. I want to be free,break free from all the norms and regulations that bind me , that prevent me from spreading my wings. I have had enough of it and i think the phoenix is ready to rise from the ashes now

Shushhed Again !


Life hurled things at me
And I could not be me

Festooned with customs
I could not be rustam
Gorced into slavery and trafficking
Led to this making , this making

Had to bear the brunt of it
But I could not just sit
Woke up , raised my voice
But I was shushhed by feminie poise

Brought down back to earth
My heart melted in the hearth
Life hurled things at me
And I could not be me

Why be such a hater ?
Why was I shushhed over and over again
And people though,it was a game
Let us not live in a myth

It is my life you are dealing with
Do not shush me now
As I have broken the vow
The vow of silence

By  Lavanya Chawla